5 Modules
We are working on the development of 5 training modules to be implemented within this project. Their goal is to bring vulnerable people to the forefront in order to create a better understanding of their rights. They will have the full support of experts, with whom they will learn more about the right to work, unemployment, employment measures, financial education, legal education, housing and other social services.
Self-representation is an essential component in knowledge and demand for rights to vulnerable people. In this regard, during the modules, representatives of the authorities will be present in order to provide information on what services are offered, while members of vulnerable groups will be able to represent themselves, and verbalize their interests and needs to the responsible institutions.
4 Trainings
The project plans four facilitation activities to increase employability, which will take the form of concrete practical actions and theoretical studies. The trainings will consist of:
Șantiere de solidaritate – punctual actions involving our vulnerable employees working with other beneficiaries in other social inclusion enterprises
Vocational training courses that aim to bring the beneficiaries closer to the specialization they want in the field of work
Integration of beneficiaries in the school system and homework preparation
Professional counseling to increase employment opportunities
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